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I know how you feel. I once held a massive party to celebrate the new Dekapitator album (seriously...although it coincidentally also fell on a friends birthday; though with an album that fucking good, who wouldn't rearrange their birthday?). Anyway, I happened to also put on some old Exhumed to mix the music up a bit, and brought out my old copy of In The Name Of Gore, since it also has the Hemdale side (Delicious Gory Fun fuckin' rules!), and by the end of the night some asshole fucking stole it!

Although copies of that occasionally wind up on eBay, so I could probably replace... I don't know what I'd do if I lost Goregasm.

Well, does anyone who doesn't have depressing stories have a copy of Goregasm? Or at least a recent address for Matt & the guys, so I can ask them?
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