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Re: 2020 album discussion thread

Originally Posted by Lichtbringer View Post
If you can?t separate the art from the artist, it?s kinda your loss. Supporting these guys financially is obviously a different story. Show me some Islamic fundamentalist metal that?s as good as Arghoslent, I?m game. Guess that makes me a psychotic fuck? lmfao
And I?m pretty sure no one is actually seriously complaining about there being too much good music to listen to.
On the off chance I?m getting trolled here, wp. If not, that?s an unusually nonsensical post from you.
Is separating art from the artist the issue here? Seems to me that the art itself is the contention in this case. I don't know anything about Arghoslent, nor have I ever listened to them - if they're just being sarcastic dicks, then I get it. Brutal death metal bands do the same shit with violence against women. If they're actually unironically being white supremacists and pushing that in their songs, then fuck them, I ain't listening to that crap. It's the same thing with "Christian metal" bands - I will not condone nor participate in their putrescent ideology and filthy belief system.
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