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Death Metal Discussion churlish elitist commentary. our most popular forum yet. metal not necessarily discussed.

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Old 04-24-2021, 03:48 AM   #241
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Location: France
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Last distro news:

ARMOURED KNIGHT (Chile) The sacred flame Demo tape. Old school heavy metal/ Heavy speed (Members of Ripper, Terror strike, Insight...) (Tape + badge + sticker) ... 5,00

BURIED (Chile) Deathless corpses and voodoo rites Demo tape.
Old school death metal in a primitive way, with a punk touch.
Sounds like very early MASTER, early DEATH, AUTOPSY/ ABSCESS or perhaps early OBITUARY (First album)

CONSECRATE (Chile) The SA;crifice Demo tape. Raw black metal

ECTOPLASMA (Gre) Cavern of foul unbeings Tape album. Old school death

ECTOPLASMA (Gre) Cryogenically revived Tape. Old school death

EVOKE (Norway) Seeds of death Tape. Black thrash/ Old school thrash. (Member of Condor)
(Tape + badge + sticker) ... 5,00

HEADKRUSHER (Indonesia) Opprobium Tape. Evil thrash/ Blackened thrash in the early 80's style. Think about early Possessed, Sepultura (Morbid visions) and perhaps early Bathory.

MORDHAU (Uk) Immaculate massacre Tape. Swedish styled death metal.
Import from Usa

OLD RUINS (Ger) Old ruins Tape. Black metal/ Heavy, sounds a bit like Immortal (At the gates of winter). Special tape case.

TYPHONIAN (Ger) Beneath the streams of life Tape. Old school death with swedish sound.
Import from Usa

MORBID WRITES Zine (Estonia) Issue 3:
Galvanizer, Snet, Mortal wound, Burial, Draghkar, Koffin, Intrepid, Muderline, Cryptic hatred... + Reviews, articles, gore recipes...
68 pages. A5. In english. 2021

NIHILISTIC Newsletter # 7 - April 2021:
This time it contains: An interview of NEKROFILTH, as well as reviews of Conjureth, Thanamagus, Malignant, Bloodsport, Snarler, plus a flyer of Ossuaire. Given for free in orders
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Old 05-08-2021, 03:41 AM   #242
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: France
Posts: 653
Rep Power: 18 Gab slam gang member

Last distro news:

ATAVISMA (Fra)/ VOID ROT (Usa) Split CD. Obscure death/ Doom

AVZHIA (Mex) In my domains Tape. Atmospheric black metal in the early Style (Cf early Emperor)

BLASPHEMOUS PUTREFACTION (Ger) Abominable premonition Demo tape. Primitive death black.

CONVOCATION (Fin) Ashes coalesce CD. Digipack. Doom/ Funeral doom/ Death doom

FOSSILIZATION (Bra) He whose name was long forgotten MCD. Obscure death/ Doom (Members of Jupiterian)

FRACTAL GENERATOR (Can) Macrocosmos CD. Fast darkened death metal,
not unlike mid old Morbid angel, Fleshtized, some old Hate eternal... Quite kicking!

MORTUARY (Serbia) Final mortuary of souls Tape. Old school death (Rerelease of old demos from the 90's)

NO SALVATION (Pol) Defiling verses Tape. Death metal in the polish style.

PATHETIC (Can)/ PUTRID (Peru) "Devorando carne divina" Split tape. Raw death metal/ Violent black death thrash, not unlike old Immpiety

SCAFFOLD (Serbia) Codex gigas Tape. Death metal, influenced by the 90s old school, with touches of early "technical" style (Death)

SMASHED (Fra) Spontaneous decomposition MCD. Digipack. Death metal/ Old brutal death

TURRIS EBURNEA (Usa/ Ita) Turris eburnea MCD. Strange darkened death/ black, with an experimental touch, but in the obscure world. (Members of Cosmic Putrefaction, Nader Sadek, Gath ?m?n?)

VOID ROT (Usa) Descending pillars CD. Obscure death/ Doom

LOW PRICES and FREE bonus stuffs:

ANONIMUUS CREATURE (Hol) Grotesque and demented creature Tape. Dark ambient, subterranean horror. Special packaging

ANUS TUMOR (Ger)/ GANGRENE DISCHARGE (Usa)/ NEPHRECTOMY (Usa) Split CD. 2nd hand. Goregrind.

DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND (Hol)/ SxSxCxBx (Rus) Split tape.Strange grind, noise/ Grindcore, noisecore. Special packaging

SATAN'S GOD (Usa) The dream out tour 2019/ 2020 promo CDr. Noise/ experimental: Bad trip psyche.

THE BURNED UP (Ukraine) Headnailer MCD. Thrash death, quite modern

INCA ORE WITH LEMON BEAR(S ORCHESTRA - The birds in the bush CD. 2nd hand
Psychedelic/ Experimental
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Old 05-22-2021, 03:40 AM   #243
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: France
Posts: 653
Rep Power: 18 Gab slam gang member

The Webshop was updated with new TAPES and CDs!

Last distro news:

APOCRYPHETIC (Usa) Heir to the cosmos Tape album. Fast evil death metal.

DEMONIC RAGE (Chile) Omen of doom CD. Obscure death/ Satanic death metal (Compilation of Eps, demos...)

ENGULFED (Turkey) Engulfed in obscurity Tape album. Death metal. (Members of Burial invocation, Impuration...)

GORATORY (Usa) Sour grapes CD/ Brutal death (Members of Mucopus, Virulence...)

KAMP (Denmark) Promo / Live Tape. Old school heavy metal/ Hard rock (Member of Reverie)

MASADA (Usa) Hideous Rot Demo tape. Old school death (With members of Abhomine, Goreaphobia, Crucifier...)

MASOCHIST (Usa) Chaos of world possession Demo tape. Death metal

MISA NEGRA (Chile) Antigua maldici?n... nueva rebeli?n Demo tape. Black metal

NECROS (Fra) Procession of heretics MCD. Old school/ Obscure death metal

ORTHODOXY (Spa) Shaarimoth MCD. Death black/ Obscure death (Member of Domain, Devotion...)

PESTILENT DEATH (Usa) Putrid vaticination Demo tape. Death metal/ Obscure death (Member of Insineratehymn)

PURGE (Fra) Sordid preludes to purgatory CD. Death metal/ Darkened death (Members of Merrimack, Ritualization, Como muertos...)

RUMA (Fra) Les buchers du solstice Demo tape. Folk/ Dark folk

VOIDS OF VOMIT (Ita) Ritval expiation MCD. Fast obscure Death metal. (Members of Valgrind, Hateful, Undead creep...)

LOW PRICES tapes/ CDs:

STRAIGHT LAND (Belarus) Negative feelings Tape. Between death metal, old melodic death and "death'n roll". release from 2002.

PMNT (Bra) Com supremo com tudo Tape. Harshnoise/ Glitch/ Dark ambient/ Industrial

DICKLESS TRACY (Slo)/ BLUDGE (Swe)/ ENTRAILS MASSACRE (Ger) Split tape. Grindcore. Release from 1998. Perhaps a bootleg.

DYING HUMANITY (Ger) Living on the razor's edge CD. Melodic death/ Extreme metal with technical touches.
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Old 06-05-2021, 04:08 AM   #244
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: France
Posts: 653
Rep Power: 18 Gab slam gang member

Last distro news:

1 x ANTIVERSUM (Swi) Cosmos comedenti Tape. Obscure black death

2 x COSCRADH (Ireland) Of Death and delerium MCD. Obscure black death

3 x GOAT RIDER (Costa rica) High speed from hell Demo tape. Black speed/ Punk for beer drinkers

3 x HELLBUTCHER (Chile) Condemnatus tormentum Demo tape. Old school black death/ black thrash in the south american tradition, not unlike old Sarcofago, Death invoker...
(Member of Necroripper, Ejecutor...)

2 x MALICIOUS (Fin) Deranged hexes CD. Fast evil death metal the old way, not unlike early Morbid angel (Altars of madness)

4 x MALICIOUS (Fin) Deranged hexes Tape. Fast evil death metal the old way, not unlike early Morbid angel (Altars of madness)

2 x ORACULUM (Chile) Always higher MCD. Old school and obscure death/ Death black (Member of Wrathprayer, Deathwards)

3 x PHERETRUM (Uruguay) From the underworlds Promo tape. Underground death metal/ Thrashing death

2 x QRIXKUOR (Uk) Three devils dance Demo tape. Obscure death black, cavernous stuff. (Member of Diocletian, Grave Miasma, Vassafor, Temple nightside...)

1 x RESPAWN THE PLAGUE (Gre) Gathering of the unholy ones Demo tape. Death metal influenced by mid old Morbid angel among others

2 x SPECTAL APPARITION (Usa) Manifestation Demo tape. Blackened death/ Obscure death

2 x THULSA DOOM (Ita) Realms of hatred MCD. Evil death metal the old way, not unlike early Morbid Angel, Sadistic intent, early Deicide...

3 x TRANSILVANIA (Austria) Of sleep and death Tape album. Black thrash/ Black metal (Members of Triumphant)

Last distro news:

SINS OF THE DAMNED (Chile) Declaration of war Demo tape. Old school black speed/ thrash (Members of B?mber, Deathvomit, Ammit)

BLACK WINDS (Paraguay) Promo 2020 Tape. Black metal/ Black thrash, sounds somewhat like old Darkthrone.

Dark ambient/ Black doom/ Evil drone... Sounds a bit like old Abruptum
(Special packaging in a black bag) (Member of Teitanblood)

MASS GRAVE (Bulgaria) Fade of life Tape. Death metal with old brutal death influences

REVERIE (Den) Bliss CD. Death metal/ Blackened death


BLOODATTACK (Ger) Rotten leaders CD. Hardcore with Death metal influences

MINITEL (Fra) Abimes MCD. Dark ambient/ Industrial

Dark ambient, industrial, dark electronic, experimental compilation
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Old 06-19-2021, 03:10 AM   #245
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: France
Posts: 653
Rep Power: 18 Gab slam gang member

Last distro news:

ABYSSAL SUFFERING (Fra) Soul pioneer Demo tape. Underground brutal death, with influences of 90's technical death, and remains of the early thrashing genre... Rerelease of an old demo! (Member of Traumasphere, Penthos)

BURNING (Hol) Nightmares Tape. Heavy metal with a heavy doom side.

DECONSEKRATED (Chile) The hidden paths Demo tape. Old school and obscure Death metal.

DEHA (Bel)/ HUMANITY DEFILED (Bel) Split tape. Death metal: Satanic death ? la Deicide vs More old school death/ death doom

DRAKON HO MEGAS (Gre) Drakon ho megas Tape. Epic melodic black metal in the old greek style. (Member of Necrochakal)

IMPURATION (Turkey) Sanctities we raped Tape. Black/ Thrash/ Death (Members of Godslaying Hellblast, Sarinvomit, Deggial)

LAPIDEM (Costa rica) Lunasty sativa Demo tape. Old school doom metal, the underground way.

MANIFESTING (Usa) Descension through the seven forbidden seals MCD. Necro death metal with death doom moments.

MALTHUSIAN (Ireland) Below the Hengiform MCD. Obscure black death with influences of doom and a quite technical touch. (Members of Grave miasma, Scythian, Mourning beloveth...)

OBEISANCE (Usa) Lucifer master Tape. Old school black thrash/ Black death

VALGRIND (Ita) Speech of the flame Tape. Death metal, between the fast kicking style and old school "satanic" vibes. Not unlike Morbid angel, Deicide, very old Hate eternal

Fanzine: NUCLEAR WINTER (Ger) Issue 2: Condor, Violent Force, Impure, Aggressive perfector, Hard metal jackhammer radioshow, Terrorhammer, Fatal embrace, Stormwarrior... + Reviews. Old school metal zine. 90 pages. A5. In english. 2021
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every band sucks, gobs of gab, noone cares gab, useless poster

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