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killing spree records interview w/ Look What I Did

Interview w/ Barry (May 2006)

1. How and when did LWID get started?
Colby, Miles, and I had just left a band we were in with his cousin Evan who is now the bassist for Reflux and Animosity. We lived in this shit apartment welch bend on Harding place, and we were just living like shit. Drunk, punching holes in the walls, dumpster diving, etc. We wrote Cupid and Zanzibar and shit during that period and kindof built the band over the course of that year. I think it was 2002. We did these weird obnoxious stunts at first to get the ball rollin, photoshoots shaving each others genitals, and I broke in cars and put little notes w peoples phone numbers on it with LOOK WHAT I DID written on it. I drank back then so it felt like promotion of some kind.

2. Who are your main influences?
Its so broad an ever changing that I can't succesfully ever answer that question. We are music geeks though big time.

3. How would you describe the style of music that you play?
We're what happens when a music geek that loves every genre of underground music, and researches it all actively, makes a band that includes everything.

4. What's a live LWID show like?
Anxious, frantic, loud, unpredictable. Some are fun and playful, some are angry and frightening. It depends a lot on what kindof stuff has been happening to us lately.

5. How did you guys get on the Dog Fashion Disco tour, and how has the crowd response been during the tour?
I asked Todd from DFD if we could tour with them on their new record and he said yes. The crowd response has been great!

6. What is the local metal scene like in Nashville?
Progressive, forward thinking. Nashville provides more underground punk/metal/hardcore musicians than you might know. Human Abstract's new singer Nathan Ells is a widely known Nashville guy. Evan, of course. When I grew up Today is the Day was a local band, and all the kids I knew(including me) worshipped that band.

7. Will you guys be hitting the road again anytime soon after the Dog Fashion Disco tour?
Yeah, July 10 or so were hitting the road with Folly(triple crown), Drop Dead Gorgeous(rise), and the Human Abstract(hopeless). Its a pretty diverse tour package, which will mean a variety of kids at the shows. That's something I like a ton.

8. Any plans to record an album in the near future?
Yes actually, I'd like to be in the studio around winter time, though the music isn't written yet, so, no promises.

9. What has been your most memorable moment with the band?
So many things happen to us that wouldn't happen to anyone else, haha, so I can't just pick one easily. The scalping is big, but I talk about it a lot. There was when I accidentally hit that quadroplegic louisville scenester in the face w a mic, but that's broken record shit as well. I guess the first show where miles and I got into a fight. Miles was playing drums w us at the time and we were playing murray, ky at this woodman of the world thing, and the kid who put on the show had some literally radio shack microphones, the kind with the plastic tops that cost 30$, and of course the minute we started playing the top slipped off. So after the first song the kid came up and whispered to me how fucked up it was I broke his microphone, which was totally not my fault! So I was really frustrated and as the third song kicked in I pushed miles' drumkit and his ride cymbal fell and hit his funnybone. I guess it hurt him and he instinctively jumped over the kit and attacked me. Colby and chris just kept playing cuz they didn't know what to do. Next thing u know me and miles are like bloody and full on fighting and we realized what we were doing and we stopped. It was like the 3rd song and we just ended the show there. That might've happened five other times in other towns.

10. Besides music, what do you do for fun?

11. Any final comments?
If u dig us tell ur friends! We rely on you guys to get the word out!
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