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Revokation - The Unknown One E.P. Now on Sale

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Smile Kal Online - A beginner's guide-1

No-one minds a new player in a game and, frankly, some people even welcome them
with open arms. But let's face it - no-one likes a n00b. This is a guide that
will hopefully turn the n00bs into newbies, and give them enough info so they
won't annoy the rest of us.

(Curtsey while you're thinking - it saves time)

I cannot stress this enough: Just because you're new doesn't give you the right
to go around annoying people, being rude, or just basically being stupid.
There are certain things you just don't do if you don't want people to swear at
you, organise assassins to come after you, or simply just not helping you out
when they easily could. To this end, the following rules are a good place to

- Don't beg for money/items. If you ~have~ to ask, ask once. Asking a
dozen times or more might give you the impression you're reaching more people,
but chances are if someone was going to help you after the second time they
won't be so willing after the tenth. Annoying people gets you nowhere, and
neither does swearing. Sometimes people will be nice enough to help you out
just 'cause (A big thankyou to the pair who gave me a shield and some cash - I
KAL Geonsdon't remember your names, unfortunately, but thanks none the less).

- If someone else does help you out, be polite. No-one ~has~ to help the new
guy, be it with information or money/items. We all (OK, maybe I don't) have
better things we could be doing with our times than helping out some ingrate
who's probably going to wind up Botting anyway.

- Don't steal people's kills. If someone else is attacking it, and they don't
seem to be losing or asking for help, leave them alone. Because two of the
three current classes are ranged this will require some diligence on your part,
but everyone understands that accidents happen - just don't do it too often, or
it'll look deliberate.

It's also a good idea to remember that Kal Online is a worldwide thing so not
everyone is going to speak the same language. Tonight alone I saw people
speaking English, German, Polish, and really bad English, so chances are you
won't understand a number of people and they won't understand you either.


(Should it be glowing like that?)

This seems to be the area I see the most questions about, so this is probably a
good place to go next. Basically, building up your character is done in 2 ways
- earning experience and spending points. The first part is the no-brainer:
you get experience for successfully putting the pointy end of your weapon into
the bad guys and for completing quests. The second part attracts the questions,
though - especially when it comes to skill points. Here's the basic rundown of
your points:

- Stat points. Each levelup, aside from restoring your health and energy, gives
you 5 points to allocate to your stats. Bring up the character menu using
either the menu in the upper right or pressing "C" and you'll see, in the
middle-left of the new window, your 5 main attributes, each with a plus button
now beside it. Clicking this plus will, quite obviously, add a point to the
stat in question, thus making your character more powerful. Choose carefully,
though, as there is no "undo" option here.

- Skill points. With each levelup also comes a bonus skill point. You cannot
allocate yourself more skills on your own! This is what causes the confusion.
You need to talk to one of the masters in order to learn new skills - one of
each is standing on the raised platform at the South of the town you begin in,
though I'm certain there's more elsewhere (I haven't found them yet, but I'm
sure they're there). Make sure you talk to the one who corresponds to your
character class, and you'll be given the option to train under them and learn
new skills. Note that not all skills will be available to you from the start,
and some skills have requirements both in character level and the level of other
skills before you can earn them. Holding your mouse over a skill will give you
a description including its type, attributes and requirements. Again, clicking
the plus will add a point to the skill and there's no "undo" option.

I believe there is a way to have your stats and skills reset, but from what I
can gather it's an expensive procedure. This is one of those things I haven't
tried yet and probably won't.

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Nice music guys.
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